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Welcome to online food delivery 2.0. In only a few clicks, you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited access to the best restaurants in Singapore. From the comfort of your own home, it is up to you to decide which dishes to enjoy and which ones to pass. Home delivery in Singapore has just become your favorite pastime! Let us guide you through the process and learn how Room Service Singapore became the synonym for fast, hassle-free and definitely fun food delivery in Singapore. Since May, we are proud to call Room Service Singapore the newest addition to the family of fine dining caterers in Singapore. Whether you are looking for food delivery for company events or within the confines of your family home, nice food in Singapore will be delivered to your own home- where you will find only the most qualitative and undoubtedly tastiest intercontinental dishes the kitchens of Singapore have on offer. This development has been propelled greatly by Room Service Singapore joining us in our mission: to offer a restaurant delivery in Singapore to citizens which they will treasure in the memory forever. For busy-bees, high-flying professionals and couch potatoes alike, Room Service excites with an incomparable volume of cuisine types on display: Starting from Mexican food delivery in Singapore, Halal Catering and Chinese food delivery, through to Thai food and breakfast delivery, none of your wishes remains unfulfilled with our website optimized for ultimate culinary satisfaction. Read on to enter the universe of Room Service Singapore and be surprised!

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Whenever we’re hungry, grocery shopping and cooking are just a little too much to bear when you're asking yourself 'what to eat in Singapore?'. For this reason, Room Service Singapore shoulders this hassle for you- delivering fresh, healthy and surprisingly affordable dishes to your home or office. Naturally, food delivery in Singapore depends on flexibility, and what better place than the Red Dot to introduce ordering food online via app? To access Room Service Singapore alongside exclusive partner restaurants, download the mobile application on your Iphone or Android device. Next up, pick and choose your very own menu based on occasion, culinary preference, and hunger. But make no mistake: Whichever meal you order online, delivery times are short and the riders happy to receive your feedback. Already dreaming of Room Service delivery, but don't know where to start? High-quality cuisines are the rule, not the exception: Delight in the best Chinese restaurants in Singapore, and order lunch or breakfast delivery 7 days a week! Feeling more like Indian food delivery in Singapore? No problem! A sizeable amount of vendors is dedicated to the popular Indian cuisine, bringing rice dishes, Prata, and Curry dishes in no time to your door. Also on the menu: the best food from Chilis, Chicken Up or Burger King delivery, so your favorite Pizza delivery in Singapore is closer than you ever thought it could be. Don’t dream about it, do it: Canadian Pizza, Nandos, and many more Premium restaurants are waiting to take your order. Give us a call at +65 658-98669 now to enjoy!

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Since our founding days, we firmly believe that delivery services in Singapore should operate with transparency, promote a faster delivery, and contribute significantly to the economic well-beings of the area they do business in. In addition to this, it is above all the diversity of local food in Singapore we tried to cherish. Finally, Room Service delivery Singapore was born! Open your eyes to fantastic dishes from Pastamania delivery, Chicken Up, Soup Spoon, Outback Steakhouse Singapore, Sakae Sushi delivery, Subway delivery or Spizza delivery. Broaden your horizon by ordering food online which is traditionally best enjoyed in the restaurant. Fast Food delivery in Singapore, for example, has proven extremely popular, with Room Service partners such as Burger King and Pastamania delivery Singapore supporting us on our mission. Likewise, good Western food in Singapore is gaining increasing attention by foodies tired of burgers and fries. Let SG food delivery offer you the best of both worlds, and double up with refreshing beverages, Alcohol delivery in Singapore, and many more. For a better food ordering experience and clean kitchens, it’s got to be Room Service.